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New Product - Friday, September 25, 2009



Patent Pending

Digital Inflection Corporation is pleased to announce the availability of its OmniTuner DUAL-FLASH module.  The DUAL-FLASH allows GM GENIII and similar PCMs physically contain two flash chips, allowing the user to switch between two separate calibrations



What is the OmniTuner DUAL-FLASH?

The OmniTuner DUAL-FLASH is a member of the OmniTuner line of products by Digital Inflection Corporation. This device allows you to install two separate flash chips in one Powertrain Control Module. Most GM Generation III applications are supported but when ordering specify which PCM you have so that the DUAL-FLASH has the proper flash chips installed. GM used both 512k and 1 megabyte flash chips in the GEN III PCMs.

The DUAL-FLASH replaces the flash chip that was installed by the factory with two separate OEM flash chips that individually appear to the PCM as a single flash chip when selected. Through the use of a switch of your choice you have the ability to select which one of these flash chips is used by the PCM. You have the ability to switch between flash chips only when the ignition is in the “off” position to prevent accidently switching between flash chips when the car is running.

Possible applications for the DUAL-FLASH include tuning a vehicle for multiple fuels, assuming this tuning is compliant with emission regulations. You can use ethanol based fuels when available and switch back to conventional fuels when desired. Additionally you might choose to tune one flash chip for fuel economy but leave the other flash chip stock. Any tune that you can flash to a stock PCM can be flashed to either one of the flash chips of a DUAL-FLASH enabled PCM.

NOTE: Insure the DUAL-FLASH has an image that is compatible with your PCM before installation. Unless the DUAL-FLASH image has a compatible PCM operating system you will need to reflash the DUAL-FLASH with the correct image before installation. The DUAL-FLASH comes with a default tune for a GM 12200411 PCM which is compatible with many GM PCMs.

How to operate the DUAL-FLASH

Operating the dual flash is as simple as flipping a switch. While your vehicle’s ignition is in the “off” position flip the switch to position one for the first flash or position two for the second flash. You can use a standard toggle switch to keep things simple. You should be aware that changing the position of the switch while your vehicle is running will not switch flash chips but when you turn the ignition “off” and back “on” again the switch between flash chips will occur. So, it is best to only flip the switch when the ignition is off to avoid selecting the wrong flash chip at startup. It is also important to note that after turning the ignition “off” you must wait 20 seconds before turning it “on” for the DUAL-FLASH to switch. This is because it takes about 20 seconds to completely power down your PCM.



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